Somnium Boreale

Somnium Boreale

Maarika Järvi's CD with Estonian flute music, includes performances with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kristjan Järvi.

ERP 2009

1.-2. Eugen Kapp. Flute Concerto
1. Aria
2. Scherzo
3.-5. Heino Eller. Three Pieces
3. In the Valley
4. At the River
5. At the Meadow
6.-8. Eugen Kapp. Flute Concerto
6. Allegro
7. Andante
8. Allegro vivace
9.-11. René Eespere. Flute Concerto No 1
9. Larghetto
10. Largo
11. Andante
12. René Eespere. Flute Concerto No 2 (Concerto flauto)

Maarika Järvi (flute), Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Kristjan Järvi (conductor)

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