Music News

Year awards 2011 of the Estonian Music Council and the Estonian Cultural Endowment

For the tenth time, the Estonian Music Council gave awards to recognize Estonian musicians, whose activities have contributed to developments in the field of music. The Music Foundation of the Estonian Cultural Endowment gave its annual music awards to outstanding musical personalities for the 4th time.

The awards
were handed over on the International Music Day on 1st October in a gala concert in the Estonia concert hall. Music were performed by cellist Anja Lechner, singer Juuli Lill, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and the Chamber Choir of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Conductor and artistic director of the concert performance was Tõnu Kaljuste.

The EMC Music Prizes 2011:

* Composition Prize: René Eespere – for convincing music that bears national, cultural and human qualities

* Interpretation Prize: Tõnu Naissoo – Grandee of Estonian Jazz Music

* Prize for significant and outstanding activities in music sphere: Ants Saluraid – for taking care of Estonian pianos

Laureates of the Estonian Cultural Endowment’s Music Foundation awards:

Ivari Ilja – for outstanding creative and pedagogical activities
Martin Kuuskmann – for a bright creative year
Anu Kõlar – for writing monography of Cyrillus Kreek
Timo Steiner – for a new opera of original style, and efficient activities in media and education
Maido Maadik – for excellent recordings of Estonian music
Siim Aimla – for a bright creative year
Ralf Taal – consistent and creative activities as a soloist and ensemble player
Vox Clamantis ja Jaan-Eik Tulve – enlightening concerts both in Estonia and abroad
Triin Koch – for outstanding achievements as a conductor and contributor of choir music