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Ester Mägi in 1968.

Our newly edited and engraved edition of the Symphony by Ester Mägi can now be purchased on the EMIC Music Store!

Relying on traditions, Ester Mägi’s (born 1922) musical style has gone through a modernisation process during half a century, yet retaining intrinsic modesty. Her works are based on brief thematic cores borrowed from or inspired by Estonian folk melodies. Variational forms or variational treatment of musical material is predominant in her work.

When Mägi started out as a young composer in the 1950s, her works followed the rules of the national romanticism. During the 1960s, her music became more influenced by Estonian folk music – diatonic modes and varying of brief motifs. Polytonality and extended tonality, as well as colourful harmonies, started to enrich Mägi’s idiom from the late 1960s onwards. Mägi has mostly composed works for choir and various chamber ensembles, nevertheless her Symphony, written in 1968, is considered one of the most notable works in Estonian symphonic music.

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