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Rein Rannap’s Oboe Concerto to be premiered at the season-opening concert of the Pärnu City Orchestra

Riivo Kallasmaa

Pärnu City Orchestra will open its season on September 24 at the Pärnu Concert Hall. The season-opening concert of the Pärnu City Orchestra under Kaspar Mänd will present the world premiere of Rein Rannap’s Oboe Concerto with charismatic soloist Riivo Kallasmaa.

Both as a composer and pianist, Rannap has always been notorious for his ability to mix different genres. Also the new Oboe Concerto is noticeably influenced by popular music regarding its harmony and rhythms. The new concerto is written in a close collaboartion with the soloist Riivo Kallasmaa, much sought-after soloist and chamber musician, who is considered as one of the leading oboists of Estonian younger generation.

The programme next Tuesday also includes „Hymns to the Nordic Lights“ by Tõnu Kõrvits and Symphony No. 41 in C Major („Jupiter“) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The concerts starts at 7 p.m.

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