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Ensemble Una Corda at Helsinki Harp Festival

Una Corda. Photo by Mait Jüriado

Contemporary music ensemble Una Corda featuring Kristi Mühling (Estonian kannel), Liis Viira (harp) and Ene Nael (harpsichord) will attend the international Helsinki Harp Festival from February 13 to 16. Helsinki Harp Festival, held at the Helsinki Music Centre, focuses on the Nordic harp music and harpists. The festival’s programme includes concerts, masterclasses, workshops and a competition for professional harp students.

On February 13, Una Corda will perform „Chills“ by Age Veeroos, „Evening Bells“ by Galina Grigorjeva „Streamline“ by Mirjam Tally, „il neige…“ by Helena Tulve as well as live-compositions. Also, the piece „Joonistus“ („Drawing“) for harp by Liis Viira will be premiered.  

The festival is organised by the Finnish Harp Society in collaboration with the Sibelius Academy.

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