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Doctoral concert of composer Hans-Gunter Lock

On May 9 at 5.30 pm, doctoral concert entitled „Different harmonies I“ of Estonian-based German composer Hans-Gunter Lock will be held at Chamber Hall of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. The program consists of works where Lock, the lecturer of electronic music studio of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, has used Bohlen-Pierce scale and twelve-tone technique.

Three Fragments for alto recorder, clarinet, and digital piano, Lösung for digital piano and algorithmic composition 2012! for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano.

Works by Lock will be performed by conceptual music theatre ensemble REPOO Ensemble, conducted by its founder and leader Andrus Kallastu (Leonora Palu – alto recorder, Edmunds Altmanis – clarinet, Gerhard Lock – violin, Theodor Sink – cello and Talvi Hunt – piano) and pianist Diana Liiv.

Hans-Gunter Lock
  Composer and musicologist Hans-Gunter Lock lives and works in Estonia since 2000. His oeuvre comprises predominantly electronic and electroacoustic music, chamber works and film music. He often experiments with light, video, text, movement and sound looking for use of interactive means and options to connect different forms of art.

Hans-Gunter Lock has been increasingly engaged in real-time sound synthesis and creation of musical environments involving analogue synthesis and digital electronic instruments as well as acoustic and electromechanical instruments as disklavier. He has also created music, where sound, through the use of sensors, is synthesized of influenced by physical processes. In many of his projects he has used motion sensors as a source of sound synthesis.

Hans-Gunter Lock’s way of creative thinking has been strongly influenced and renewed by the cooperation with composer and conductor Andrus Kallastu. Many alternative musical concepts as open form, interdisciplinarity, united forms of art and experimental solutions, have been discussed and practiced in their numerous projects.

Hans-Gunter Lock has acquired music education in Germany and Estonia. He studied music theory, composition and electroacoustic music at the Leipzig Felix Mendelssohn Academy of Music and Theatre and musicology at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, where he additionally took part in courses of electronic music studio. He has supplemented himself in Hamburg Academy of Music and Theatre in the field of multimedia composition. Since 2008, he is a PhD student at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, studying composition under the guidance of Associate Professor Margo Kõlar.