Source of Joy

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Source of Joy

Robert Jürjendal

Unsung Records 2013

1. Source of Joy I
2. Rainsong
3. Aeronaut
4. February Sun
5. Over the Water
6. Source of Joy II
7. To the Plain Land
8. Signs of Life
9. Asteroids
10. The Cotter
11. Source of Joy III
12. And Our Eyes Made a Bridge
Bonus track: 13. Deep C

Robert Jürjendal (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Electro-harmonic HOG, Roland VG-8, e-bow, effects, voice), Arvo Urb (percussion), Aleksei Saks (corno da caccia), Madis Metsamart (tubulal bells, rainstick, wind chimes, glockenspiel, vibraphone), Anti Jürjendal (cello), Riho Sibul (acoustic guitar, effects), Andi Pupato (moonsand-rattle, wind chimes), Geoff Leigh (flute), Lotte Jürjendal (voice)

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