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Ensemble for New Music Tallinn - Sound Plasma festival

Location: House of the Blackheads, Tallinn
Time: 19:00

Sound Plasma is a mini festival dedicated to microtonal music and music with alternative intonation, in broadest definition of the term.

The festival will take place in two parts: on 19 - 21st September in Tallinn and on 1 - 3rd November in Berlin.

Ensemble for New Music Tallinn

Nina Kawaguchi (violin)
Talvi Nurgamaa (viola)
Teemu Mastovaara (cello)
Helena Tuuling (clarinet)
Arash Yazdani (contrabass, artistic director)

Cenk Ergün                 Use Strings*
Raphael Languillat        SS. GIOVANNI & PAOLO
Nicholas Deyoe            Vln
Pascale Critton             Hold
Arash Yazdani              Instruction Manual of How to Learn Stop      
                                  Worrying and Love the Bomb in 5 minutes
*new version premiere

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