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  • Composer: Süda, Peeter
  • Years: 30.01.1883 - 03.08.1920
  • Title: Gigue à la Bach
  • Genre: Works for organ
  • Instrumentation: organ
  • Publisher: Estonian Organ Society (2004), Eres (1993)
  • Year: 1919.


  • Type of manuscript: Author manuscript
  • Sort: Score
  • Composer: Süda, Peeter
  • Work: Gigue à la Bach
  • Number of pages: 3
  • Date: 1919-05-12
  • Status: Finished
  • Location: Estonian Theatre and Music Museum
  • Number: ETMM_10023 M 1:2/1:01,02
  • Additional notes: The manuscript additionally consist a fragment of the work Fuga Sopra il nome "BACH" per organo, the beginning and the sketch of the work Toccata. In addition the manuscript consist the copy and the sketch of the work Gigue à la Bach. Along with empty pages the number of extra pages is 17.

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