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Vana Tallinn Gala dedicated to the centennial of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

This year, the Estonian National Opera’s traditional Vana Tallinn Gala is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. This year’s gala presents the young rising opera singers as well as their teachers - outstanding artists who frequently perform on various stages - together with the Estonian National Opera’s choir and orchestra under the guidance of Arvo Volmer.

The performers are Karis Trass (soprano), Heli Veskus (soprano), Helen Lepalaan (mezzo-soprano), Juhan Tralla (tenor), Reigo Tamm (tenor), Raiko Raalik (baritone), and Taavi Tampuu (baritone). The orchestra soloists are Ingely Laiv (oboe) and Maria Gorshenina (violin).

The gala concert takes place on August 23 at the Vanemuine Concert Hall in Tartu and on August 24 at the Estonian National Opera, Tallinn.

The EAMT is the only university of music and drama in Estonia, offering higher education in all major fields of music and theatre through bachelor, master and doctoral programmes.

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