Sheet Music Catalogue

Concerts and performances in Estonia cancelled due to the state of emergency declared by the Estonian government

The Estonian government has declared a state of emergency in connection with the global novel coronavirus pandemic and the likelihood that the virus may spread locally. The state of emergency measures include closing museums and movie theaters as well as cancelling all performances, concerts and conferences. The state of emergency is in effect through May 17, unless the government should decide otherwise.

Presentation concerts of the 2nd album of solo songs by Mart Saar

In January, the 2nd album of solo songs by Estonian composer Mart Saar was released. Saar’s art and folk songs are performed by mezzo-soprano Iris Oja, baritone Atlan Karp and pianist Kadri-Ann Sumera. Presentation concerts will be held on March 10 in Tallinn, March 17 in Viljandi and March 19 in Tartu.

Concerto for Accordion and Chamber Orchestra by Tauno Aints will be premiered in Helsinki

Concerto for Accordion and Chamber Orchestra by Tauno Aints will receive its premiere in Helsinki on February 28. The performers are Mikk Langeproon and Helsinki Chamber Orchestra with James Salomon Kahane conducting.

Erkki-Sven Tüür has revised his Symphony No. 1, performed only once 36 years ago

Erkki-Sven Tüür has revised his Symphony No. 1 which has been performed only once 36 years ago. The new version will be premiered by Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and Tõnu Kaljuste at the Concert Hall of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre on February 21.

Jüri Reinvere's fourth opera receives its premiere in Germany

Estonian composer Jüri Reinvere’s fourth opera „The Shadow” („Der Schatten“) will come on stage of Osnabrück Theatre in June 2021. The two-act opera is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fair-tale of the same name, the libretto is written by Reinvere himself.

Ensemble Una Corda at Helsinki Harp Festival

Contemporary music ensemble Una Corda will attend the international Helsinki Harp Festival from February 13 to 16. The festival focuses on the Nordic harp music and harpists and includes concerts, masterclasses, workshops and a competition for professional harp students.

„250 piano pieces for Beethoven” features piano work by Age Veeroos

„Imaginäre Sonate” op. 53 by Age Veeroos will be premiered in Bonn as a part of the international project „250 piano pieces for Beethoven” which marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Tallinn Chamber Orchestra will be touring in Europe

Tallinn Chamber Orchestra will be touring in Europe from January 29 to February 5. The orchestra will be conducted by Risto Joost and Tõnu Kaljuste.

Choral and wind music prizes awarded

Yesterday, on January 26, the Estonian Choral Association announced the annual prizes of choral and wind music 2019. Annual awards were given out in a total of 12 categories, with 81 nominees contending for the prizes. The award ceremony were held at the Estonia Concert Hall.

Pärnu Contemporary Music Days 2020

Pärnu Contemporary Music Days, organised by the Estonian Arnold Schoenberg Society will be held from January 18 to 26 in Pärnu. The event features a symposium, concerts, music workshops, exhibitions, performances, and music listenings.