CD Galina Grigorjeva. In paradisum

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CD Galina Grigorjeva. In paradisum
RAM 2014
Price: 12.00 €

"Nox vitae" ("Ночь жизни" / "Night of the life")
1. "Nocturno" ("Nocturne")
2. "Романс без музыки" ("A romance without music")
3. "Октябрьский миф" ("October myth")
4. "Кэк-уок на цимбалах" ("Cake-walk on the dulcimer")
5. "Падает снег" ("The snow is falling")

6. "Recitativo accompagnato"

"Диптих" ("Diptych")
7. "Ныне отпущаеши" ("Lord, now let your servant depart in peace")
8. "Не рыдай Мене, Мати" ("Do not lament me, O Mother")

9. "Молитва" ("The prayer")

10. "In paradisum" ("Into Paradise")

Estonian National Male Choir, conductor Mikk Üleoja. Soloists: Allar Kaasik (cello), Aleksandr Mihhailov (bass), Margus Vellmann (tenor), Aleksander Arder (tenor), Valter Soosalu (tenor)