CD El silencio

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CD El silencio

Kuldar and Marje Sink

Estonian Radio 2002
Price: 10.00 €

1. Kuldar Sink El Silencio I / Silence I
2.-3. Kuldar Sink Pater Noster; Ave Maria
4.-6. Marje Sink A Fair Night; By the Silent Waters; In a Silent Chamber
7. Kuldar Sink Time to Fly to South
8.-9. Marje Sink Somewhere in Prayer; A Heart Is a Sacred Place
10. Kuldar Sink Silencio III / Silence III
11. Kuldar Sink-Heiki Mätlik A Cadence and a Paraphrase Cancion de jinete for music from the cycle "Songs of Birth and Death"
12. Kuldar Sink Stabat mater / Holy Mother (ballade)

Kaia Urb (soprano), Heiki Mätlik (guitar)