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Kaia Urb (soprano), Heiki Mätlik (guitar)

Six Seasons+

Pärnu City Orchestra plays music of Astor Piazolla and Evald Vain

Peegel peeglis

Choral works of Arvo Pärt and Pärt Uusberg

2 on one; Rannap & Mattisen

Piano music for four hands by Rein Rannap

North Wind, South Wind

Contre-le-vent-music from Estonia

Peeter Vähi. Maria Magdalena

Oratorio based on the Coptic codex

Sinu valgus. Lumen tuum

Music for female choir from Estonia and abroad

Heldur Harry Põlda

Boy-soprano Heldur Harry Põlda performing with the Orchestra of Estonian Defence Forces, conducting Peeter Saan

Mari Tampere-Bezrodny, violin

Mari Tampere-Bezrodny performs concertos, sonatas and pieces for violin (3 CDs)


Mati Lukk (double bass), ENSO, Toomas Vavilov


Improvisations by Anto Pett and Bart van Rosmalen

Avec Privilege du Roy

The second CD of Estonian-German ensemble "focus baroque".