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Kapp Family Orchestral Works

Artur Kapp. Eugen Kapp. Villem Kapp

Chamber Choir of Viimsi St. Jacob Congregation

Sings Chamber Choir of Viimsi St. Jacob Congregation, conductor Andrus Kalvet

Northern Lights Sonata

Eduard Tubin's piano works

Veljo Tormis. On American Shores

Portland State Univeristy Chamber Choir, directed by Bruce Browne


Harpsichord player Imbi Tarum's solo CD.

Works for Men's Voices

Veljo Tormis's author CD

Orchestral Music

Ester Mägi 's author CD

Vision of Kalevala

Veljo Tormis author CD

Visions Beyond Estonia

Veljo Tormis author CD

Concertatus celatus

René Eespere author CD