Jean-Paul Dessy. Requiems

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Jean-Paul Dessy. Requiems

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and Tallinn Chamber Orchestra performs music by Jean.Paul Dessy, conducted by Risto Joost

Cypres 2018

Jean-Paul Dessy. Requiems 
1. Requiems: I. Breath Becoming Aum
2. Requiems: II. Asato ma sat gamaya
3. Requiems: III. Lâ Ilâha Illâ Lhâh
4. Requiems: IV. Yit’-Gadal
5. Requiems: V. Aun dwashmaya
6. Requiems: VI. Ego eimi
7. Requiems: VII. Requiem aeternam
8. Semper gaudete
9. Isaïe


Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
conductor Risto Joost
Jean-Paul Dessy (cello)

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