Mart Saar. Luule, see ei tule tuulest

Mart Saar. Luule, see ei tule tuulest
Eesti Raadio 2007

Mart Saar
1. Our Life
2. Fallow
3. Seven Moss-Grown Beds
4. Forest Song
5. Northern Guardian
6. Spring
7. Wood Are Sighing
8. Birch Fairies's Song
9. Poetry Comes Not of Wind
10. Birds' Song
11. A Humped Spruce
12. Lullaby
13. Mother Once Had
14. Oh Rain, My Brother
15. Herdboy's Lament
Peeter Süda
16. Flax Puller
Mart Saar
17. Young Brethren, Sing!
18. Hello, Spruces, Hello Pines
19. They Brought the Sing-Song from the City
20. Jaan Is Going to Midsummer Bonfire
21. Oak-tree, Why Are You Crying?

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Mikk Üleoja (conductor).

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