Calendar of Music Events

International Music Day

Location: All over Estonia

The Estonian Music Council annually organizes a grand all-day concert programme on the International Music Day that hosts 170 concerts with free admission all over the country! What makes the Music Day concert programme even more exceptional are the concert venues. You can catch a top musician, who feels at home on a swanky European concert hall stage, performing on public transport, in a public sauna, in a barn, on the side of a swimming pool or inside of a larger-than-life wooden megafone hidden in the enchanting forests of Estonia. Also hospitals, kinder-gardens, nursing homes.

Each concert lasts about 30 minutes but might extemporaneously end up being an hour long. The day culminates in the evening with the Estonian Music Awards Ceremony where the Estonian Music Council and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia award the most spectacular people in music. This event is taditionally broadcasted by the Estonian Television.

More info: http://muusikapä