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Estonian History. A Nation Born of Shock

Location: Tartu, Theatre Vanemuine
Time: 19:00

Presented by the soloists of the Estonian National Opera, dancers of the Estonian National Ballet, the orchestra and the chorus. Conductor: Kaspar Mänd

The people who worked on Manfred MIM’s legacy and took care that the opera and the music became ripe for the stage were Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes, Andrus Laansalu, Andrus Aaslaid, Karl Saks, Raul Keller, Taavet Jansen, Maike Lond, Oksana Tralla, Mart Koldits, Henri Hütt, Kalle Tikas, Andres Tenusaar and Evi Pärn.

More info: Estonian National Opera
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