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Lesson of Darkness

Location: St. Michael's Swedish Church, Tallinn
Time: 18:00

Baroque ensemble LaBande:
Helis Naeris (mezzo soprano)
Melissa Jõesaar (baroque violin)
Kaari Uus (viola da gamba)
Robert Staak (lute)
Kristiina Are (harpsichord)

Baroque ensemble LaBande presents its new program “Lesson of Darkness” which is dedicated to the liturgical genre leçon de ténèbre (lesson of darkness) in 17th century French music. The genre was explored by a number of well-known composers (F. Couperin, M.A. Charpentier etc), and the so-called “lessons of darkness” were performed during the tenebrae services preceding Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. The centre piece of the concert is M. R. Delalande's “Lesson of Darkness for Holy Wednesday”. Its text is based on the Lamentations of Jeremiah, deploring the Siege of Jerusalem (587 BC), but allegorically referring to the three days of mourning for Jesus Christ between his crucifixion and resurrection. The program will also present a selection of vocal and instrumental pieces by celebrated French composers of the 17th century, among them A. Campra, M. Marais, and J.F. Rebel. All of which serve to illustrate the devastation and chaos in the city of Jerusalem as depicted in the Lamentations of Jeremiah.

Tickets: 8/12€
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