Calendar of Music Events

Estonian Celebration

Location: Estonian National Opera
Time: 19:00

For the opera gala at the beginning of February, we have chosen highlights from Estonian stage works and woven them into a fine and witty new production. You will meet Lembitu, Saare Juhan, Olav, Erna, Cyrano, the Goblin and many other important and diverse characters in the cultural development of Estonians. Estonian composers have written many beautiful pieces and the Estonian National Opera will bring the best of it to its audiences.

During the 1 hour 45 minute intermission audience will be asked to enjoy a hearty meal, excellent drinks and live music in different halls and cafes of the theatre.

Conductors: Vello Pähn, Jüri Alperten, Lauri Sirp, Kaspar Mänd
Soloists: Kadri Kipper (soprano), Kristel Pärtna (soprano), Janne Ševtšenko (soprano), Heli Veskus (soprano), Helen Lokuta (mezzo-soprano), Reigo Tamm (tenor), Mehis Tiits (tenor), Mati Turi (tenor), Rauno Elp (baritone), Jassi Zahharov (baritone), Ain Anger (bass)
Librettist: Wimberg
Stage Director: Marko Matvere
Designer: Kristel Linnutaja
Lighting Designer: Rasmus Rembel
Estonian National Opera Chorus, Boys' Choir and Orchestra, Estonian National Ballet
The hosts of the night are Reigo Tamm and Kadri Kipper.

Ticket 100€: Piletimaailm
More info: Estonian National Opera