Calendar of Music Events

International Music Day

Location: All over Estonia

Held on October 1, the International Music Day concert programme celebrates music as creative self-expression and a form of art. The concerts and side events aim to honor the direct contact between audience and live music, the multifaceted trades in the field, as well as music education.

This year marks the fifth time for the concert day when more than 100 events are staged across the country, all counties covered. Performing classical, choral, jazz and folk music are the local masters of their craft alongside emerging young talent. Next to traditional music venues, concerts are held in some unexpected places – such as airport, shopping centers, public transport and many others.

The programme “Estonian Musician Abroad” sees local talent that resides abroad performing in cities across the globe.

All the concerts are free!

Music Day culminates with Estonian Classical and Jazz Music Awards Ceremony, which is broadcasted live on ETV (7PM).

Look the programme: