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International festival Orient

Location: Vaba Lava, Telliskivi Creative City, Tallinn
Time: 19:00

Epi (morin khuur, overtone singing / Mongolia)
Abdellatif Belgacem (poetry / Tunisia) & 5 Étoiles (folklore group of the Sahara bedouins)

Mongolian musician Dandarvaanchig Enkhjargal, also known by his artistic name Epi was born in Ulaanbaatar, but grew up in the small village of Altanbulag. He was a nomad on the taiga with his family and their herd of horses before talent scouts discovered his gift for music and directed him to further studies. Epi studied music at the Ulaanbaatar Conservatory with professor Jamjan, the best morin khuur player in Mongolia. In addition to playing the traditional Mongolian horsehead fiddle – morin khuur – he also studied throat singing. Nowadays, Epi is well-known all over the world and often performs with other world-musicians.

Tunisian poet Abdellatif Belgacem comes from a family of poets of the Marazig tribe. He has received more than 300 awards in and outside of Tunisia. He has also taken part in numerous festivals in the Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and others.
Abdellatif Belgacem is the chairman of the poetry committee of the International Festival of the Sahara − an annual desert festival held in Douz. The poetry contest run by him is considered to be the central event of the festival. In addition to the desert festival, he has been linked to his hometown in other ways as well − Belgacem worked as an advisor to the municipality of Douz in 1990−1995. He has been the director of the Douz Sahara Museum twice, first in 1988−1998 and secondly in 2012−2015. He is the founding member of the Arab popular literature union and a similar association of the Maghreb region. He is also a member of the worldwide assembly dedicated to preserving the camel.
In his poetry, Belgacem perpetuates the oral tradition of “popular poetry″ in the South of Tunisia. This is in the form of declamation, syncopated like the trotting of camels, and sounding a bit like rap. Praise of the Bedouin life, love poetry, moped breakdowns − every aspect of Saharan life today is present in these verses.

Folklore group of the Sahara bedouins 5 Étoiles was brought to life in 2007 by Abdedhaher Hedi. The group is dedicated to following their ancestry and presenting the heritage of the Marazig tribe. 5 Étoiles is a welcomed guest in numerous festivals and belongs to the core group of performers of the International Festival of the Sahara. They are irreplaceable when it comes to performing the traditional dances that are a part of the bedouin wedding ceremony. 5 Étoiles performs in traditional costumes, which notably include light blue pleated skirts and red waistcoats, to the sound of traditional instruments.

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