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Estonian Music Days & Baltic Music Days 2021

Location: Online
Time: 17:00

“Residentuu:r”: Open criticism on the concert of Ensemble U: on April 25

In Autumn 2016, Ensemble U: launched a new unique project “Residentuu:r” (Residency), which originally invited composers to collaborate with the ensemble: in 2016–2017, their cooperation partner was Liisa Hirsch, in 2018 Andrus Kallastu, and in 2019 they delved into the music of Udo Kasemets. In 2020, the main topic was artificial intelligence. In 2021, they are focusing on music criticism. “Residentuu:r 2021” tries to observe the following issues: what are the expectations of composers, performers and audiences on the feedback of critics; what is the role of criticism in influencing, defining and regulating the musical scene; how to improve and foster cooperation between critics and musicians.

U: has invited renowned experts of the field from Estonia, Finland and Canada to participate in discussing the chosen issues. The meeting of April 27 shall entail an analysis of Ensemble U:’s concert on April 25. The meeting will take place in the bar “Seitse C” of the Composers’ Union house (Lauteri 7C). It will be also transmitted over Zoom (for active participants) and on the Youtube channel of Ensemble U: (for passive viewers).

Free admission: EMP TV
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