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Location: Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Great Hall
Time: 20:00

Chamber choir Collegium Musicale
Conductor Endrik Üksvärav
Dramatist Andri Luup

The music is composed by Maurice Maeterlinck “Wisdom and destiny”.

The work “Wisdom and Destiny” by the great Belgian playwright and philosopher Maurice Maeterlinck is the creed of one of the most prominent representatives of the spiritual life of that era. It is a song of spiritual bravery, an incitement to fight for the destiny that determines human life, and to overcome that destiny with spiritual freedom and sincerity.

With the commissioning of the work and its premiere, the top Estonian chamber choir Collegium Musicalel celebrates its 10th anniversary. The choir conductor Endrik Üksvärav convened the choir for the first time on October 3, 2010. Since then, this day has been celebrated annually with a birthday concert.

Tickets 15/10€: Piletilevi
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