Vello Lipand

b. September 16, 1926 Tartu
d. August 18, 2000 Tallinn
Member of the Estonian Composers' Union since 1966
Buried at Tallinn Forest Cemetery

Vello Lipand graduated from the Tallinn Music School in music theory in 1953 and studied composition in Tallinn State Conservatory in the class of Eugen Kapp from 1954–1959. He worked in the Music Department of the Estonian SSR Folk Creation House (1957–1973), as a senior specialist in educational centre of the kolkhoz building association „Eesti Kolhoosiehitus“ (1973–1976), teacher in Ulaanbaatar Music and Dance College in Mongolia (1971–1973), and director of Nõmme Children’s Music School in Tallinn (1976–1986).

Vello Lipand has written mainly popular and children’s songs. His songs have been awarded in song competitions („Youth Summer Days“, „Lovely Pirita“, „Hello, May!“, „On Old Turk“, „Tell Me, What Are You Doing in Summer“) and published in many songbooks (including authorial compendiums 1968 and 1976 by Eesti Raamat). Popular songs are „Black Cat Conga“, „Birthday Morning“, „Gingerbread Boys“ and others, his songs have been performed by Heidy Tamme, Vello Orumets, Tarmo Pihlap, Kalmer Tennosaar and many others.

Song „In Spring Day“ was sung by children’s choirs in the XV General Song Celebration in 1960. Vello Lipand has also created accompanying music for a large number of folk dances, as well as choral music and pieces for wind orchestra.

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