Sander Sokk

October 31, 1987, Tartu

Sander Sokk has graduated from Heino Eller Tartu Music School in classical singing as a student of Karmen Puis and Taisto Noor. In 2017 he obtained Master’s degree in singing as a student of Juhan Tralla in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. From 2014, he is working as a singer in the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir.

Beside singing, Sander Sokk is active as a composer as well. In Eller School, his additional subject was composition which he studied under Alo Põldmäe’s tutelage. Canorousness, different harmonic colours and moods, simplicity and expression of feelings are important characteristics in his music. He has written choral songs, piano pieces, chamber music and 4-part symphonic poem. His works has been performed by Maila Laidna, Talvi Hunt, Johan Randvere, Mari-Liis Urb, Anna-Liisa Eller, mixed choir Noorus,chamber choirs Collegium Musicale and Voces Musicales.

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