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Estonian Music Information Centre collects, systemizes and distributes information about Estonian professional classical composers, artists and musicologists, works and recordings, musical institutions and music life in general both in Estonia and abroad.

For Composer and Artist
- provides, preserves in its databases, displays on the website and distributes information about the composers’ and their work and artists’ creative activities
- provides and displays on the website news, newsletters and in concert calendar information about premieres, artists’ concert activities and other remarkable events taking place in music scene
- promotes composers’ and artists’ by publication of CD-s, booklets, books
- collects, cataloguse and archives manuscripts, printed editions and sound recordings of compositions and other publications related to the composer
- collects, catalogues and archives sound recordings and other publications related to the performer
- acts as legal publisher of composer’s work, concluding bilateral publishing contract

For Customer and Visitor
- replies to requests about Estonian music by email and telephone calls
- offers repertoire consultations
- helps to find score or manuscript of the unpublished work
- makes available manuscripts, publications and audio recordings for researchers of Estonian music in EMIC's office

EMIC Music Shop

CD Wsewolod Pozdeyev
CD Heino Eller. Complete Piano Music. Volume Five
CD Tõnu Kõrvits. Moorland elegies
CD Galina Grigorjeva. Nature morte

Kõrvits, Tõnu
Touch, for bassoon
Grigorjeva, Galina
Two Psalms, for mixed choir
Tally, Mirjam
Warm Life at the Foot of the Iceberg, for clarinet and piano
Seppar, Evelin
Time and the Bell, for mixed choir