Estonian Music Information Centre successful at the Frankfurt Musikmesse

From March 21 to 24, team of Estonian Music Information Centre (EMIC) attended the Musikmesse Frankfurt. The axis of EMIC’s concept at the fair was introduction the Estonian music as a consistent and original cultural phenomena – it comprised the „big names“ as well as talented authors of middle and younger generation who have less caught attention. About 1000 people visited the box, EMIC created the contacts nearly with 70 persons from music organisations.

Estonian Music Information Centre launched a new webpage and Sheet Music Shop

On September 2, Estonian Music Information Centre launched a new, refreshed webpage, www.emic.ee . Considering positive feedback from the users, general structure and information of the previous webpage was preserved in course of the reconstruction aside adding new contents and information blocks. In addition to other information, EMIC’s renovated webpage represents regular news about the running activities of the Estonian Music Information Centre, a monthly Calendar of Music Events, and detailed instructions for Estonian and foreign professional musicians and amateurs about the possibilities to obtain the scores and recordings of Estonian music

Estonian Music Information Centre started cooperation with Netiraadio

On August 23, Estonian Music Information Centre concluded a cooperation contract with NGO Estonian Music Export which, together with Estonian Authors’ Society, manages Netiraadio - an internet radio which exclusively is focused on broadcasting of Estonian music. The mutual aim of the cooperation is the more intensive and complex promotion of Estonian classical and contemporary music in homeland and all over the world.