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CD Wsewolod Pozdeyev

Der Tag war heiter... Vsevolod Pozdejev 2017

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1. "A Poetic Moment" ("The Days Was Bright...") for piano
2. "Poem" for guitar
"Sulamit" vocal cycle for soprano and piano on Irina Jevsa's translation of the Songs of Songs
3. 1. Introduction
4. 2. Recitative and Air "Maids of Jerusalem..."
5. 3. Air "That Your Lips Will not Wilt..."
6. 4. Air "I Fell Asleep but My Heart Is Awake..."
7. 5. Recitative and Air "Her Cheeks Look Like Blooming Garden..."
8. 6. Air "Where Did Your Beloved Dissapear..."
9. 7. Air "Darling, with You We'll Flow in Each Other..."
10. 8. Air "Oh, How Pleasant Is to Keep Silent with You..."
11. 9. Coda
"Three Echoes of Harp" for baritone and piano on poems by Innokenti Annenski
12. Melody for Harp
13. Träumere
14. Impossible

Anna Galuschtschenko (soprano), Simon Lenschin (baritone), Dmitri Timoschenko (guitar), Vsevolod Pozdejev (piano)

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CD Wsewolod Pozdeyev
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